Registration form

Before joining us on the 2nd Winter Solstice Nude Charity Swim (the Swim) all participants must complete and acknowledge all information in this form.

I agree and acknowledge the following

I am over 18 years of age.

I am participating at my own risk. The swim is a recreational activity and there is a high element of risk, particularly due to the low water temperature.

I will not participate in the Swim if I have a physical condition (such as a heart condition, asthma, high or low blood pressure etc) that may put my health and safety at risk.

I am aware that to participate in the Swim, I need to have a blood alcohol level of less than 0.05% and I must not be under the influence of any drugs or adversely affected by medication.

I accept the Organiser’s exclude all liability (including negligence) for any personal injury, loss, damage and or theft.

The Organiser’s reserve the right, in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who the Organiser’s has reason to believe is unfit to participate in the swim.

I am aware there are very limited changing facilities and I am not a prude when it comes to nudity.

I understand the Organiser’s will discourage spectators, but as a public domain, there can be no guarantee that they will not be present.

I give permission for the Organiser’s to photograph the event for promotional purposes. I note every effort will be made to protect the identity of participants.

I take full responsibility for my personal belongings and understand that any valuables should be secured elsewhere.

I will, in the Swim, endeavour to purge my negative energies so as to begin the new solar year refreshed and invigorated.